The Blueprint


Blueprint: something intended as a guide for making something else.

If you pay close attention to anyone that has ever inspired you, (those whom society considers successful, wealthy, living in abundance, etc…) you’ve probably recognized that there are certain characteristics that each of these people share. Some of the most common characteristics that we hear about are determination, drive, perseverance, fearlessness, hustle, creativity, uniqueness, individualism, and so on. I hope that this section serves as inspiration that you too can  achieve whatever your version of success is, that is, if you can learn to apply a blueprint that fits within your own journey. Remember, as humans, each one of our lives serves as more than just something that we live… it serves as a lesson for others, good or bad. As Oprah would put it, our lives are nothing less than a “Master  Class“, something to learn and grow from; a means to evolve.

“Follow my steps, it’s the road to success…” –Jay-Z

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