Throwback Inspiration: Tyrese Gibson has ‘Mastered His Domain’

Waddup #DreamTakers!

I came across this article while doing some research for my graduate thesis. Now, let me just say that I am always on the look out for things that keep me inspired, and those things are usually always hidden in the story of someone else’s life.

In this case, Tyrese Gibson, known for his starring roles in Transformers, Baby Boy, and Four Brothers has me awe. Besides the fact that he is wayyy too easy on the eyes, this guy’s story of rediscovering his passion after getting bitten by the “success bug” is phenomenal.

He talks about being vulnerable as a man, and not letting his ego and pride get in the way of all the good that he desires for  his life. He even discusses how when he realized that he couldn’t do everything on his own, he reach out to those whom he looked up to, such as Will Smith, who told him that “in order to truly succeed he’d have to change everything around him.” Who hasn’t heard this lesson before???

This article may be 3 years old, but so many people I know can identify with his story, including me.

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BTW- I need to KNOW him… Like for real, for real. 😉

My celebrity crush, Tyrese Gibson… and J. Cole.