Words of Wisdom

Focus on one thing, one area. Put all of your energy into watering one area. If you spread the water across many, many seeds,  you don’t have as much water for one seed. So, focus on one thing. Make it your priority. And stick with it no matter what.

–Tyler Perry


(Video INSPIRATION) Billionaire Tyler Perry’s Secret To Success: “Narrow Your Focus To One Idea”

When I watched this video, it resonated with me so much because of my own journey.  As some of my readers know, I’ve been “Dream Chasing” for the past 4 years with an idea that all began on a piece of paper… I’ve done several different jobs to make ends meet in between. I even went back to school to get a second degree because I believed that the training would add to my ability to help my dream come true (which it really has enhanced my skill set). But I ended up all over the place and doing all the things that I thought would be pleasing to other people. And I knew that it had to STOP. Most recently, I found myself at a crossroads of which direction I wanted to head with my life… and I chose to narrow everything down to one idea, one area of focus.

After watching Tyler Perry explain that his success was based on him focusing on accomplishing one goal, and believing in that goal no matter what his physical reality was, is the reason he is where he is today, I was beyond INSPIRED. In comparison to my own journey, I would have to say that he’s right. Since coming to grips with what I am wanting out of life, and making the decision to focus on just that, I have seen many doors of opportunity open up… And it only gets better from here.

Featured Dream Chaser: Funny man @SeanGComedy is doing his thing

I was torn about whether I would feature this post under “Dream Chasers” or “The Blueprint,” mainly because I consider this guy a trailblazer in his own right. Sean Grant a.k.a. “Sean G” is one of the funniest people I know… literally.

I first met Sean while teaching at a local high school. What brought us together was that we both just happened to be the youngest looking teachers on campus. We looked so young that sometimes even the administrators would mistake us for being one of the students skipping in the hallways. We became friends almost instantly as we begin to share with one another some of our goals and dreams.

At the time, I was still working on a business venture that I started about two years prior, while Sean had performed as a stand-up comedian at different clubs and college campuses across theU.S.

By the time I met him he had already won awards for his comedy including the Sierra Mist Presents Jimmy Kimmel Live College Comedy Championship, and was featured on Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns among other projects.  To Sean, he was still just “trying to make it,” but for me to learn his story, I came to understand that he was already well on his way.

A few months ago, Sean decided to take his show on the road. The South Florida native (Miami, Florida to be exact) gave his grind the maximum boost when he decided to pack his bags and move to Hollywood…California that is.  He’s been grinding it out ever since. He was recently a finalist for the Kings Next Generation Tour, hosted by the creators of the Original Kings of Comedy and is set to release his debut comedy album “Agressively Lame” some time this year.

Sean is the ultimate dream chaser, not only because of the countless hours and relentless energy that he puts into refining his craft, but because he has made the greatest sacrifice of dedicating all of his youth to making his dream come true. There is no doubt that the Universe will return to him the equal components to all that he has given it. People like Sean continue to inspire me and others to be all that we can dream of one day and one step at a time.

Check him out below:

For more information and performance dates visit seangcomedy.net, and feel free to follow @SeanGComedy on Twitter. Funny, funny, funny dude!