Beauty Inspiration: Teyana Taylor’s Face Beating Techniques [Makeup Tutorial]


As my reader’s know, I LOVE all things beauty and fashion. So when I watched this video of singer Teyana Taylor sharing makeup tips in the ohhh sooo animated way that she does a couple years ago, I absolutely loved it then, and I love it even more now.

Ms. Taylor is most known for her exotic beauty (full lips, almond shaped eyes, BIG curly locs, and a body to die for) that she wears so well. I’m definitely a fan of her “Swag” because I can totally relate to how she accentuates her positives.

Watch as Teyana gives you the play-by-play rundown on how to “beat” your face for any occasion. She does warn you, however, that she’s “no make artist” so don’t expect her to “be using all them fancy and proper words for stuff.”

Check out my own throwback masterpiece… CUTE!! Xoxo