Life Class Lesson 11: Are You Living A Financial Lie, Or Know Someone Who Is?


The intentions of this post is to perhaps awaken someone who is dealing with similar issues and want to turn it around, and/or help educate others of the pitfalls of debt that can be avoided. Afterall, when you know better, you CAN do better.

What started as a normal Sunday morning with the fam turned out to be quite lesson filled.

It all began with a wonderful early morning church sermon which taught that the greatest way to give to others is to share with them your own “story.” This lesson resonated with me because I am a firm believer in the power of sharing life lessons. I believe that we all can learn a thing or more from our own experiences, as well as other’s. This of course, is all the more reason to share our own story with those who may benefit from hearing it.

Later in the day, while watching television, my family and I encountered an episode of Oprah’s Life Class in which the topic was “Are You Living A Financial Lie?” During this episode, people discussed their stories of their relationship with money. The stories varied enough that many of us could either personally or indirectly relate to them. In fact, as a bi-product of higher education, I can either relate to or empathize with those who have responsibly or irresponsibly taken advantage of those spooky things that we all know as student loans.

The lesson is that we often create chaos in our own lives when we attempt to fill voids with things outside of ourselves, (such as material things, money, relationships, sex, etc…).

When it comes to debt, however, Americans know first hand how to create it, but rarely ever deals with the “why” because we often don’t know how and where to begin. But the answers can be found within the individual stories of every single one of us who live in this country.

Below are stories of individuals who have dug themselves into financial ditches, but through sharing their story with others, and being honest with themselves, they have since been able to change it all around.  Its never too late to set things straight, but you can only change when you 1) acknowledge that there is a problem, 2) decide to do something about it, and 3) take action towards doing it.