Words of Wisdom: The Power of Focusing Within [Photo Quotes]





You are already all that you desire to be

For many, the very idea of this sounds strange, untrue even. But I would challenge you to say that it cannot be any closer to the truth. If you can accept the idea that you become your thoughts to be true, then the idea that you are currently living previous thoughts should also resonate with you.

I have come to know that everything that you consistently and chronically give your attention to is what your world becomes. That includes the good and the bad.

If all that you can see in your current reality are the things that you do not want to exist, then you are only going to draw more things and experiences that you resent. But if you can allow yourself to feel the wholeness of who GOD has intended you to be, and find more things to appreciate about your reality, you will allow more goodness to flow into your life.

In doing so, you will begin to look for more positive people to be around, positive situations to be a part of, opportunities to be productive, and areas to grow. You will take action from a place of knowing that no matter what you see going on around you, all that you can envision for your life is possible.

The biggest change that needs to take place to live in the abundance of your imagination is your perception and dominant thoughts about things.-BCSTARKS

As you practice the art of focusing your attention to more of what is right, not what is wrong in life, you will begin  to see that you are never really far from being all that you wish to be. In fact, you are already there. All you have to do is be. Just BE!

BCSTARKS, over and out! 🙂