Beauty Inspiration: Full and Naturally Shaped Brows That WOW!

I have always had super thick and wild eye brows, and I didn’t really appreciate them until I reached my twenties. I have attempted to have them tamed and trained by “experts” in various beauty spots on occasion, but I could hardly ever find someone who understands that brows already have a natural shape that can be followed, and that everyone doesn’t have to leave with overly expressive brows… You know, the kind that are either too sharp and pointed that you always look angry, or too round and high that you always look surprised.

Luckily, my hairstylist/ beauty expert for life is the bomb because she gets it (she also happens to be my mother).  After all of my not-so-good experiences, I’ve grown to appreciate my “eyebrow lady” and I absolutely LOVE my brows. So much so, that I vow to never let another person wax, or thread, or tweezer them away until they are nearly non-existent and out of shape. EVER!!

I found these pics on the net that inspired me to be proud of the bushes above my eyes. Thick brows are the ish, whether you grow them, or get a little help. WERK!