What inspired you today?

I haven’t blogged in 10 days… Ouch! lol (my bad)

At this very moment it is 4:45 am and my mother is still  up and at her craft, hair (btw, she hasn’t slept since yesterday night). Its pretty late, but when you’re working on making a vision reality, time doesn’t exist and creativity has no curfew.

My mother keeps me inspired because of her willingness to fight for her goals no matter what distractions she encounters.

A while back, she set the goal of revolutionizing the industry that she loves so dearly and has been a part of for more years than I’ve been alive. And she wanted to do it with me by her side. As her one and only baby girl who grew up in the hair industry, it has always been a dream of mine to be a part of something special alongside my mother as well. So for the past three years, we have worked towards our initial goal, and let me just say that it has been quite the journey.

I’ve learned so much along the way, and have overcome many obstacles … or distractions if you will. In fact, these past few days have been minutely challenging for me in many ways. From car problems, to my own uncertainty about which direction to take in certain areas of life (which for many like myself, can be quite overwhelming at times). I’ve even found myself in a bit of a funk as a result of me giving so much attention to the things that were making me unhappy.

But through it all, it has been my mother’s determination and desire to make our vision a reality that keeps pulling me back into the “focus” lane. Distractions seem to come so easy, while focus is what we must battle our minds for. Thanks to my mother and wonderful business partner, I’ve been inspired to remember the power of believing in even the things I have yet to see. Because of her exemplary guidance, I know that the only thing that separates someone who achieves a goal from someone who doesn’t, is whether or not they give up when things get tough.  Some of the things that I have already accomplished in my premature life has been the result of perseverance, dedication, and a burning desire to achieve, therefore I know that all hard work eventually pays off.

I know that this is so because of my momma… who has no intentions of going to bed any time soon. Don’t worry, I’m taking notes and following her lead. We look forward to sharing the next chapter of our journey with the world in the very near future. 🙂

@BCSTARKS + her mother + no rest because we’re crafting and creating = #winning!!!

What inspired you today?


Don’t Let the Small Things Sweat Ya: How to Keep It Moving

Everyday is not always such a great one… although, it would be much more beneficial to believe the opposite of that statement. Sure, there are many things to be grateful for in each of our lives, but sometimes it’s not so easy to cut through all the B.S… When I’m in such a mood, I have to force myself to forget about whatever is wrecking my nerves, and find thoughts that put me in a better “feeling” place.

I emphasize “feeling” because how you feel means everything. It means the difference between whether you make a new friend today, whether you decide to go back to school, to make-up or break up with special someone, etc. When you make decisions from a “not-so-good” feeling place, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Think about it. When has any great decision been made by anyone who is in a state of depression, or is angry, or bitter with life, or upset about something? Don’t worry, I’ll wait for it…

On the contrary, when you can get yourself to a better “feeling” place than the “not-so-good” mood that you may be in, then you’ll not only be doing yourself a favor, but everyone else that is a part of your life as well.

Try this for a change: Instead of focusing on how bad “it” is, try finding something that you like about that person, or circumstances surrounding your issue, and make a mental note, or write it down. As you continue to sift through your thoughts for more things to be happy about, notice how your emotions  go from negative, to positive (gradually, that is). Once you  start to feel better, make an effort to focus your attention toward other things that are important to you, like a goal that you want to accomplish… and work towards getting it done. Before you know it, you’ve turned a seemingly bad situation into productivity.

The more you practice this exercise, the better you’ll become at controlling how you allow things to affect you.  Trust me, not only am I getting so much better at it , but those close to me recognize my growth as well. Remember, happiness is yours for the taking. #teamdreamchasers



Be specific, not careful with what you ask for

‘Be careful what you ask for…’

We’ve heard this saying time and time again. It has practically been run into the ground so much that many of us have become desensitized to the power asking. Many of our parents and grandparents have, at some point, forewarned us of the true power that we as humans have when we put so much focus into a thought that it becomes our reality. But how often is it that you truly pay attention to the creations of your personal world?

If you are a member of  Western society, my guess is that  much of your attention is often clouded by the many happenings of your temporary reality.  So much, that you often forget how many times along your life journey that you weren’t so passive about life. Instead, in many instances  you were decisive about what moves you were going to make, the things that you wanted to experience, the people who you wanted to experience them with, and how you wanted to feel. You were specific with the Universe about your requests, and in a matter of time (seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, or years) your very wishes became your reality. However, by the time you received what you were asking for, you were already on to the next request. And so you forget.

This blog post was written to remind you that you are more powerful than you can imagine, and that your focus means EVERYTHING in terms of your requests of  Universe.

You cannot ask and expect to receive if you are not specific with what it is you are wanting. If uncertainty is the dominant position that you hold, then the Universe will return  to you the dominant energy of your focus. The Universe does not discriminate and consistently gives you energy driven  experiences that are based on the exact energy that you give to it.

So my advice is to be mindful of where your focus is. Instead of always being careful what you ask for, try being specific with your requests. Once you decide, the Universe will bend at your very request. But you have to make up your mind…

What inspired you today?

I woke up this morning feeling like a billion bucks. Not because something out of the ordinary took place, but because it just felt good to do so. Whenever I feel like this, I am inspired to write in my journal. Yes, I keep a journal, but it consists of mostly good feelings. I’d much rather document things to be happy about because when I read it later on, it just puts me it a good feeling place again. I like to write about the things that I am grateful for, the things that I hope to carry out, the things that I become more aware of, etc… Writing about these things just reminds me that the journey is what life is all about; what we are becoming more of each day. While writing, I usually have a divine moment of peace and clarity about my life’s possibilities, and it deeply humbles me. From there, I feel inspired and more equipped than ever before to tackle whatever comes my way. Mostly because I know that with all that I have become, and with all that I am, I CANNOT LOSE.

Since when has focusing on a problem ever brought about real change?

My guess is… NEVER.

Ever wonder why every time anyone has ever decided to “fight” against something that they do not agree with, more of it shows up. The fight against Cancer, the fight against terrorism, the fight against crime, the fight against baby-mommas and daddies [PAUSE… cricket, cricket]. Yet, these so-called problems continue to exist, and on a large-scale.

 In the words of Esther Hicks, “You just can’t get there, from there…”

Ironically, it’s when you decided to stop giving those things your attention and start focusing on solutions that make you FEEL BETTER, that these so-called issues that you may be having seemingly disappear.

STOP being so stubborn in your negative views and START trying to see things from an optimistic perspective. Start finding things to be appreciative for, no matter what the so-called problem is that you’re facing. The more you practice doing this, the more you’ll start noticing that you have more to be thankful for than not, and the smaller the issue becomes. Eventually it will no longer be a problem.

The moral of the story is: When things aren’t going your way, learn to CHANGE YOUR FOCUS, because your focus is the only thing that’s really keeping you from being happy, or healthy, or prosperous, or loved, or whatever it is that you’re wanting to experience in life. Your focus is the only TRUE thing that YOU CAN CONTROL; not anything or anyone else outside of you. When you can understand that NOTHING OUTSIDE OF YOU CAN DECIDE YOUR HAPPINESS, then you will have unlocked the door to freedom forever.

Be easy y’all.