Fashion Inspiration: @MelodyEhsani Gives Me LIFE!!

I’ve made these past few weeks all about getting back to what makes me happy. And quite frankly, its the little things. From spending time with my family, to buying myself something nice here and there. But nothing makes me happier than a dose of inspiration from creative minds, especially fashionably DOPE ONES!

Melody Ehsani is a designer (worn by the likes of Rhianna, Cassie, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys and more…) that I have followed for the past several years, and I am continuously impressed by the depth of creativity and connectedness that she continues to exude. I love everything about her journey and how she chooses NOT to identify herself as the story that she has lived.

Most recently I found her profile on Instagram, after not having kept up with her latest designs and projects for a while, and I was blown away yet again. I was prompted to visit her oh-so cool blog/Tumblr that inspired me once before because she uses it as a tool to be just as creatively expressive as she does in her work. Intelligent, wise well beyond her years, edgy… The woman is AWESOME. I hope to meet her one day and perhaps have her as part of my life’s power circle of kindred spirits and friends.

But until then, check out part of why M.E. leaves me feeling BEYOND inspired… This is the Melody Ehsani blueprint:

“I think one of the most important things is authenticity and following what I call your DIVINE blueprint. You know, there’s no one else that’s going to be Melody Ehsani, it’s just me. And I’m not worried about competition or anything like that because I KNOW that this cannot be copied or duplicated because this is WHO I AM.”

Check me out rocking my M.E. “Queen of the Jungle” necklace… feeling something like a Queen of the Jungle. Hehehee! 😉


Featured Dream Chaser: Misha Vaidya, The Ultimate “Tea Time” Fashionista

Although she may never know how much our mere chance meeting has inspired me, “Misha V” as I know her, is an up-and-coming fashion force to be reckoned with.

I first met Misha during her last semester as a Public Relations graduate student at the University of Miami (It was my second semester in the same program, and we just  happened to be in the same class). What was most impressive to me was that Misha was probably the youngest person to ever graduate the program… she was only 21 years old then.

Since I too am a fashion and beauty junkie (thanks to my mom and business partner who is a longtime cosmetologist),  this London native caught my attention right away.

What I first noticed about Misha was that she was always so well put together from head to toe. From her delicately placed and beautifully embellished hair clips, her perfectly manicured nails and flawless makeup, on down to the choice of her outfit for the day…  Let’s just say if fashion is truly her calling in life, then she embodies every bit of it everywhere she goes… and she makes sure that her little Mac Book matches (yes, pretty in pink… Love it!).

On the day that I introduced myself to Misha, I noticed that she was working on a design program on her laptop just before class began. I decided to ask her about it, and sure enough, she explained her passion for fashion and her hopes to one day design a collection of her own. That was less than a year ago and Misha V has already begun her reign in fashion.

I was inspired to write this post because I recently stumbled upon her fan page on Facebook, only to be absolutely floored by the latest designs in her debut 2012 Tea Time Collection By Misha.  Between now and then Misha has had some of her pieces featured in Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach, and recently did a fashion show hosted at the luxurious Mondrian on Miami Beach.

Misha is exactly one of the reasons why I started this section of my blog. She is driven. She is passionate. She sets goals, and achieves them one by one… and she always looks absolutely FABULOUS while doing it.

I’m super proud of Misha V and wish her success beyond words. Check out her website for more on what she’s all about, and what to expect from her in the future. LONG LIVE FASHION!




P.S.-  I couldn’t resist posting some of my favorite pieces from this collection. ENJOY! 🙂

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