What I know for sure…

“Yes, it’s the famous line that I borrowed from my “SheRo” Oprah Winfrey.”

I know that my life thus far has been unfolding for no reason short of greatness. I don’t write this to seem arrogant, or overly assured. Instead I write this with the same spirit of which our favorite rappers, or poets prophesy over their own destiny. I write these lines with conviction because I un-mistakenly believe that “your life becomes what you believe.”

I believe that one day I will remember this blog post and know that I was never wrong about how I’ve always felt… that my strengths will strengthen a movement so powerful, and so ordained by GOD and the Universe, that its will cannot, and will not be denied.

What I know for sure is that I will never stop learning and growing in the direction of my spirit’s song.

What I know for sure is that the dreams that I dream do not compare to that which the Universe sees fit for its world and the people in it.

What I know for sure is that I am thankful that man’s vision cannot touch that of GOD’s, because that… that would be much too overwhelming for the human subconscious to hold true.

What I know for sure is that the vision that I have been entrusted with by GOD has led me to spend my life’s breaths ensuring that I continuously work in the direction of its fulfillment.

What I know for sure is that inspiration and humility are a major part of my life’s purpose. And so, that is what I will continue to nurture, share, live, and be. I pray that all who read this and become inspired by it will do the same… Know what you “know” about your life for sure.




Your only power is in the present

There is nothing more powerful than the present moment. Yet so many of us are stuck in the past, or have our heads so far in the clouds of the future that we become accidents waiting to happen.

The art of being in the present moment was something that I became conscious of after watching the Oprah Winfrey Show, where she introduced a book titled, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle. Oprah did a 10-week-long web series featuring Eckhart discussing the book with readers from all over the world via Skype. This book is so powerful, as it uncovers the part of humans that we often forget; the power of the stillness within.

In the book, Eckhart speaks about the importance of being in the stillness of the present moment because it is all that you truly have.

The past is made up of only memories that we hold on to; those that we constantly replay and live out the emotions of time and time again. The future is something that we can only imagine, hope for, fear, etc… But the present is where we have the most power, our only power to make things happen, to be happy, to make a change, to feel better, to take steps towards goals and dreams. The present is the only factor that ever matters because moments of  “now” will become the past, and these same moments will set the tone for the future.

I was inspired to write this post because  I too have to remind myself to get out of my own head and learn to be still so that I can embrace all that is going on around me.

For example, I could be spending the day with my mom because I hope to strengthen our relationship. While in the midst of an important conversation about life, I may glance down at my nails and think, “man I need a manicure.” This could lead to another thought about how I’m going to pay for this manicure since I wont get paid until Friday. Then I’ll think, “Oh I know, I can just use the money from that dress I just returned to the Macy’s… But I really liked that dress… I should go back and get it… Nahhhh.” These thoughts could go on and on, and while they are, I would have possibly missed several opportunities to truly connect to the person that I’m speaking with so that I can begin to understand them a little more. But how could I fully understand when I’m so caught up in my own head?

This concept can apply to any and every area of your life. It could be something as simple as looking for something that you’ve misplaced but you can’t even begin to retrace your steps because your head is so clouded with thoughts of “where is it”…I can’t find it… I don’t see it”, or blame that you don’t give yourself the chance to be still and retrace your movements.

On the contrary, it could be something as complex as praying for a better situation, and being so caught up in thoughts of  who did what to hurt or offend you, that you can’t even see that in this very moment your situation is already better.  You can think about the past, but you’re doing it now. You can think about the future, but you’re doing it now. You are reading this blog RIGHT NOW, and by doing so you are  setting the tone for the moments that follow.

Create moments of stillness for yourself by releasing all thoughts that get in the way of whatever is in front of you in this very moment. Embrace all that surrounds you, and be appreciative for the miracle that you are.  Right now is all that you have, so make the most of every moment by learning to be present.




[Check out one of Oprah’s hour-long web events featuring Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. This can be life changing! – @BCSTARKS]