Why Hard Times Can Make You Better

No one likes to struggle, but perhaps it’s not the worst thing ever when you look at how it can change you for the better. Not only can struggle  build character and help you develop certain survival skills (which can often translate into multiple areas of your life), but it allows you to become an expert on overcoming difficulties, particularly those circumstances that you’ve dealt with personally. Everyone loves a good underdog story of how one can take a bad scenario and turn it around and declare victory in the end. I’ve come to know that when we share our stories of overcoming obstacles, it inspires others and gives them peace in knowing that they are not alone.

Have you recently overcome something or are you currently going through a difficult situation? If so, what self discoveries have you come across? In what ways are you stronger, better, more equipped to handle things in the future? I want to know. Drop me a line in the comment section. You never know who you could inspire.

Love and Light,



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