Your Beliefs Create Things, What Are You Thinking?

What are you believing for your life at this very moment? For as a man thinks, so it shall be. Thought is a very powerful force that is constantly shaping our reality. The more you practice a thought, the more you believe it to be true. You are living your very beliefs, and some are mere ideas of the past that no longer serve you.

This is the beauty of being able to shift direction and choose new thoughts at any given moment. If your thoughts are spiraling in a negative direction, you have the ability to acknowledge it and choose a different thought, one that is closer to what you want to create for your life than not. From “right” thinking, one has a foundation to create the life that he sees himself having in his mind’s eye.

Beliefs are the driving force of action. We act out of whatever we believe to be true. So mind your thoughts and align your beliefs with the truths of life: Abundance, prosperity, love, courage, faith, Oneness, etc… Practice until it becomes a pattern. Remember, beliefs are only thoughts that we keep repeating in our minds until it feels real to us, and from there we take action. These actions and beliefs collectively create our life experience, so it helps to be intentional with our thoughts.
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