Amazing Revelations and Chakra Meditation [VIDEO]

Chakra Meditation VideoThere’s not much that I haven’t been dealing with lately, as my life is continuing to unfold. From uncovering my own mental and spiritual blocks to dispelling false beliefs and perceptions that are far from those of the Divine; you name it, I’m facing it. And as scary as this journey can often seem, I am loving every bit of my personal and spiritual growth. I’m a firm believer that God and the Universe allows us to experience certain things in order to awaken us to HIM. Certain events take place in and around us in order for us to become aware of those things which were once hidden from us, and for us to step into our personal power and operate without fear, knowing that we are one with our source and creator, therefore we cannot fail; only expand in HIS wisdom and  LOVE.

Its  amazing how beautiful and loving  some of these revelations have been for me, but they did not present themselves without my enduring lots of pain, confusion, anger, and frustration. As every human being goes through their own processes of evolution, we are all shown time and time again that we are not necessarily the ultimate power in charge. Nonetheless, I can absolutely say that if  I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t take away a thing because its made me who I am. The experiences that I’ve had throughout my life continue to make me more like the vision that I have for myself; which is to live HIS purpose for my life with grace, gratitude, forgiveness, and love as my true companions.

With that said, I recently stumbled upon lessons on the 7 main Chakra energies of the spiritual body, and the lessons have been amazing! I am still so new to all of it, but I wanted to share this awesome meditation video and soundtrack for tapping into each energy level and unblocking all senses of false selfhood. I ‘ve been using this video for the past week, and I love that the creators of this video (which you can check out here) have gone as far as to include wonderful affirmations throughout the video. They also include the various sound waves and frequencies that correspond to the spirit within the music, awakening each level to its natural state of peace. No wonder music soothes the soul… It’s all in the frequencies of the melodies, and beats. Now, I’m not a guru in this at all, but I do like that way that it calms me and allows me to return to my inner state of peace as I reflect on the calmness that it provides while listening. Check it out and let me know what you think.




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