An Open Gesture of Gratitude…

As I write this post, it is the early hours of the morning and I am laying in bed next to my mother while she sleeps peacefully… Yes, I said my mother.

Whenever I visit my mom, I always find comfort in lying next to her and falling asleep, sometimes to her protest because I tend to sleep wild… especially when I’m super tired. Lol But its one of the ways that we bond.

Its been a common occurrence since I was a little girl because I grew up as my mother’s only daughter in a house full of brothers. My mother was a single parent raising my 3 brothers and I, and so when she would come home from work, there I would be waiting for her in her bed to give her the rundown on what the boys did that day. I guess you could say that we were like a team because I was her eyes and ears when she wasn’t around, and it was me that she trusted to hold down the fort. Lol

Even as an adult, she and I still share stories before bed, or moments of inspiration as we awake. I’m always grateful to share these moments with my mother because they are precious. Its been our way of basking in our feminine energy even while in the midst of so much testosterone. Its also our way of expressing how near we truly are to one another in spirit. No matter what separates us physically, we are always near in spirit. And I never take these moments for granted because life is ever changing…

I share this story with you in a spirit of gratitude for the connection that I share with the person who nurtutred and showered me with unconditional love… Love that I can never forget as I am reminded of it while laying next to her.

I Love my mommy,

I’d like to know what connections exist in your life that make you grateful for them. Drop me a line.



2 thoughts on “An Open Gesture of Gratitude…

  1. Let me begin by saying, this story lifted me. As a person who grew up without my parents, I’ve always longed for that bond. I think that before reading this, I would sometimes, he’ll oftentimes, dismiss my kids’ daily rants as idle chatter, but you have shown me that it can be a great bonding experience. From now on I will approach these moments with more energy, and awareness.

    As a person who has buried both parents, let me urge you to remember these moments. Pick her brain. Soak up as much of her wisdom as you can. It will be her words that guide, you even from the next dimension.

    Thank you for sharing. You’ve helped me finds another opportunity to connect with my sons.


    1. Wow! Sorry I never saw this comment! I’m so moved by your response and glad that I could be a part of your new found awareness. I would love to know how different things are for you and your children since then. Shoot me an update some time☺

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