The Story You Tell Life, Becomes The Life You Live

“Sometimes we get stuck because of the story we tell ourselves and life.”

– Tony Robbins

“I can’t do this because of that. I don’t have enough of something. That will never happen. This just can’t be. Men are no good. All women lie. Life is hard…”

These sentences reflect a pattern of thought that becomes a story in its entirety. This is the recurring story that many people have going on in their brains over the course of a lifetime.

And as we now know, the mind is a powerful thing. Thoughts become things. This kind of thought pattern is one that just won’t let life get good for anyone who claims it as their story. That’s because these types of thoughts in nature, are what keep us all in a constant state of fear. And fear is always the thing that stops progress dead in its tracks.

If ever you are wanting life to change, all that is required of you is a simple shift in your awareness, from a thought that serves you no benefit, to one that inspires you to move. Its bigger than just thinking positive and saying affirmations. You MUST take action in the direction of your newly formed thoughts in order to make them your reality. After all, motion is in fact the very thing that effects our emotions.

For example, when we are depressed, most of us don’t want to move… we have no desire to get out of bed, nor do we have as much energy to. But when we finally convince ourselves to get up and shower; to put on clothes and get out of the house; to call up our closest friends for a night on the town; to go out and have fun. The very act of motion in each of these activities changes the way that we feel in those given moments, and ultimatey changes our circumstances, and eventually our lives. And it all starts with a single thought, that if tended to and nurtured, produces thoughts just like it (positive or negative) until those thoughts collectively form a story.

The question is, what story have you been telling yourself about life from any given aspect? For that is what your reality has become. But just as one can change their mind to move in another direction, one can change their story into something that works for them, instead of against them.

Our lives are merely a reflection of the stories that we choose to believe. Where has the story that you chose lead you in life? How does your story affect your movement? Is your story one of benefit, or one of detriment? Do tell.




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