Do Dreams Really Come True?

Dreams come true for ________________.

Here’s the part where you fill in the blank with whatever is true for you.

…lucky people.
…hard workers.
…those who believe in Jesus.
…rich people.
…everybody except me.


Because whatever you complete this sentence with (as it regards to your beliefs) parallels whatever you have experienced in life. Yes, as a result of YOUR beliefs.

I’m learning that life can be as big or as small as one can imagine, and that one can have no more or less than what one subconsciously believes they deserve.   

So it pays to believe in the direction of what seems closer to your vision for a good life, than the opposite. If you believe that you are not deserving of all that dreams are made of, then at least begin to tell yourself that things can change; and that you are becoming more deserving each day.

Then, back up this statement by doing something different; something better; with better energy than before to support your stated growth. It is faith backed by action that brings forth results deemed miracles. But this isn’t a unique occurrace that is only possible for a chosen few. It is possible for every human being who chooses to believe that it is possible for them. That’s the beauty of choice. Life or death. Physical and spiritual.

So, do dreams really come true?

Of course they do! At least that’s what I believe.

What do you/have you subconsciously believe(ed) about your dreams?

The sooner you uncover your hidden beliefs, the faster you can decide whether or not they operate as the enemy to all that you imagine for your life.

(Answer: Dreams come true for those who believe that dreams come true and thus take action from that state of belief = those who exercise faith)




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