Fashion Inspiration: 4 Cool Blogs To Follow In 2012

Channing In The City

I came across this fashion forward blog while surfing the net this past week. As a sucker for fashion I was impressed with the cool finds and tips that this young lady has to offer. Her story goes like this:

 ” When I came out of Penn State in 2009, I thought I would be anchoring the 6 o’clock news. With my broadcast journalism degree in hand, and not a job opportunity in sight, I turned my focus from hard news to fashion news. Fast-forward, now, almost three years later and I am now a full-fledged style/beauty journalist blogging and vlogging my way to New York City. “

This sounds all too familiar to me, as I too was in the same place with the same degree a couple of years ago… I’m definitely up for seeing whats to come. Check her out!

Just when we thought the Simmons sisters had their plates full, Angela and Vanessa Simmons hit us with an amazing  fashion blog. The sisters hook up for the second time around to give readers a look inside their fashion fantasies, daily activities, and offer a social networking community of others who love to indulge in individuality and all things fashion. Check it out.

 The Fashion Bomb Blog

Paris and New York based journalist, Claire Sulmers gives the scoop on urban fashion in this highly rated fashion daily dose blog. From celebrity trends, to the everyday joe and jane, fashion is all about individuality… And here’s where you can find it:


In case you haven’t checked out this site yet, Rochelle Yanique is all about cost-effective tips for maintaining your mane. Earlier this year, I wrote about the founder of, Rochelle Boreland and her inspiring journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Since then she’s been keeping the those tips coming. Check out what she has to offer at:

I would love to feature more cool blogs on the site. Drop a line and let me know what some of your favorite fashion inspired blogs are.



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