Featured Dream Chaser: Super Producer in the Making Yung Ladd Makes Music and Dreams Come True

Most recently, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and interacting with a young man by the name of Brian Pickens, but you may know him as Yung Ladd. If that doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you’ve heard some of the hottest songs that this Grammy nominated and 2x platinum producer has put out for big name artists such as Lil Wayne (“I’m Good” – Tha Carter VI), Fat Joe featuring  Chris Brown (“Another Round”), Drake, Usher and many more.

Knowing him has been quite the inspiration since he’s managed to work himself into milestone success in an industry that is extremely competitive and not for the faint of heart. From the day that I met him, I’ve been intrigued by his resilience, ambition, authenticity, kindness, and the pure passion that he expresses for what he does.

Ladd is not the typical 20-year-old, and that’s what’s most admirable about him. He’s managed to turn his life into something that he can be proud of, despite earlier obstacles in his life.

I was inspired to write this post because when I see Ladd, I see myself and so many other people who have the audacity to embark on a journey of making their dreams come true. For what Ladd represents, my prayer is that those who have dreams never give up on them. I’m most certain that he would agree that anything can be accomplished with hard work, persistence, and what he recently revealed to me as his top priority, building strong relationships.

Check out his bio below.

There’s so much more we can expect from this hard-working Dream Maker, but until then, follow him on Twitter to stay in the loop.

Yung Ladd Bio

Brian ‘Yung Ladd’ Pickens is quickly taking the hip-hop world by storm. Having produced tracks for the likes of Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Don Trip, and Chris Brown, this 20-year-old Milwaukee,Wisconsin native is holding his own. But like most dream chasers, his journey did not come without obstacles.

Back in 2007, Ladd experienced serious health complications, which led to an encouraging meeting with his idols, Miami super producers Cool & Dre, on behalf of his mother and The Make A Wish Foundation. From that introduction, he formed a mentorship with the producers while on the road to recovery, and became inspired to follow his passion for music.

“I just wanted to be a part of anything dealing with music.” – Yung Ladd

A newcomer to the game, Ladd got his official start in music after enrolling in Florida Institute of Recording, Sound and Technology in Orlando,Florida. He inked a deal with Cool & Dre’s imprint Epidemic Music after graduating in 2010, and got to work on producing tracks for various artists.His most recent work includes one of the most controversial songs off Lil Wayne’s Grammy nominated album Tha Carter VI titled “It’s Good,” as well as Fat Joe’s “Another Round” featuring Chris Brown. The world can expect to hear more from Yung Ladd as he is currently producing music for Usher, Bird Man, Roscoe Dash, Lil Twist, The Game, and more.


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