A belief is only a thought you keep thinking, but it means EVERYTHING

It’s funny how life has its way of teaching us lessons… that is, if we stay awake long enough to learn them. This week I’ve learned many, but the most important lesson of all has been in the power of belief.

I finally get it. Yes, I said finally because even though I am aware of certain life principles, I still have to will myself through the practice of them. We all do. That’s the reason we exist… in order embark on the journey of evolution.

My education on the subject of “the power of belief” began from as early as I can remember. I was raised within the Christian Baptist faith. However, I personally do not agree that I would’ve grasped the full understanding that I now have of its power, had I not been made aware of various other life philosophies, religions, and spiritual teachings. Through my own unique experience I have come full circle to understand that every one of these philosophies and teachings all lead back to one infinite POWER, one infinite SOURCE, one infinite UNIVERSE ( translation of the word Universe: Uni means “one” + verse means “song” = one song). Every one of them points us in the direction of the power that lies within the  beliefs we hold.

No matter what philosophy, religion, or spiritual teaching you choose to categorize yourself under, in doing so you are practicing the art of belief. Altogether these various sources teach us that our life becomes whatever we emotionally and subconsciously believe. This is the very reason why thoughts are so important. Your thoughts always point in the direction of the beliefs that you hold about life, and the people, places, and things in it. Your very ideas about life are what shape your world.

The tricky part is that not all of us are fully aware of our own emotions and thoughts, nor are most humans aware of the nature of the subconscious mind. Many of us declare that we don’t have self-control, and so it becomes easy to look outside of ourselves for solutions to problems that can only be solved from within. My understanding of this has taught me to be more compassionate towards others because I too can identify with the constant battle between the conscious and subconscious mind. But I also know my own power.

Most importantly, I have come to understand that when a belief is emotionally charged, the results can happen so quickly that the mind cannot fathom its power. This is why I have learned to become more aware of the beliefs that I hold about life, so that I can make changes as necessary. If my beliefs are negative, I work towards changing them because I know that the life I dream of requires that change.

[For example, If I say that I want to marry a very successful, wealthy, handsome, loving, kind, and self-aware , and generous mate ( 🙂 ), yet I hold the belief that society has fed me about the “lack or shortage of good men,” then it makes sense why I would still be single, or find myself  in relationships with men who contradict the very things that I want for my life. But if I change my belief to thoughts that are in alignment with what I want, (such as: There are plenty of good men in the world, many of which would be a perfect fit for me.) then perhaps I would have a much more enjoyable experience with men… or at least set the tone to do so.] 

Because we are all born with the free will of choice, we can decide which beliefs we want to hold on to, and which beliefs to let go of. This is the only true thing that we have control over in life. Choose your thoughts and the words you speak wisely, because every single thing that you are believing about life, is what is shaping your entire experience here on earth. When you declare change, life will respond to you accordingly.

@BCSTARKS over and out! 🙂


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