What inspired you today?

For the past few months, I’ve been doing what great writers such as Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks refer to as “mental work.”

For what, you may be wondering?

For re-directing my thoughts. It pays to think big and truly believe in thoughts of love, abundance, happiness, creativity, and prosperity.

Unfortunately, the average person rarely ever believes in those thoughts that completely contradict the things that they are experiencing in their current reality.

For example, someone who has been told negative things and abused all of their lives, may occasionally think thoughts that are positive, yet don’t really believe those thoughts because everything that they have experienced in life has been mostly negative. The things that they have experienced have taken a toll on their confidence and self-esteem, and ultimately their faith. As a result, negative thoughts become second nature, and so do negative experiences (The Law of Attraction).

The same can be true for someone who grows up poor… Perhaps, as a result of their circumstances, they believe that they never have enough money, or food, or clothes, etc… Perhaps their experiences with lack leads to feelings of unworthiness, instability, or a lack of safety and security.

However, this same person can also hold dreams of one day being rich. The only problem is that if they’re consistently holding dominant thoughts of fear or “lack,” then they hold themselves in a space where there will never be enough. And should they ever break free and become wealthy, then no amount of money, or material goods will ever suffice.

This is where “mental work” comes in. In this context “mental work” refers to the re-training, or redirecting of thoughts from negative to positive, until those thoughts become second nature; replacing old thoughts. Life teaches you that you are what you believe you are, and life becomes whatever dominant thoughts you hold in regards to it.

When you’re used to thinking and believing certain ideas about life, it’s not easy to change them, especially if they have become a dominant part of your personality. But change can happen in every one of us if we are willing to do the mental work.

The mental work begins at the core of whatever thoughts you may hold that keep you from living the life you want to live. Afterall, the only limitations that truly exist are those we set for ourselves. Identify the thoughts that keep you in bondage and understand where they came from. Why do you believe this thought? Who and what contributed to this belief. Once you find the source, learn to forgive everyone and everything, including you. It’s the ONLY way to heal and move forward.

The next step is to begin to tell yourself a different, and more positive story to replace previous thoughts. Do this as often as a negative thought creeps into your mind. Do it until you firmly believe in the new thoughts. Afterall,:

“A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking until you convince yourself that its true.” A. Hicks

I’m inspired because each day I see evidence of my own growth. Letting go of old fears continues to be quite liberating. I hope the same can one day be true for all who desire change in their lives. It all starts in the mind.




2 thoughts on “What inspired you today?

  1. Your words are so true. I feel I need to constantly feed myself a diet of love, a belief in abundance, prosperity and goodness. It is a constant labor, but one that def fills me up. This piece is a good reminder.

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