The Dream Maker: A little of me for the world to see

I study because I hunger for knowledge.

I use what I learn to make my life better.

I write because its therapeutic… for me, and for those whom I share it with.

I learn lessons and I share them because I understand that my lessons were never meant to be just my own.

I love because it heals… myself, and whomever receives my love.

I cry sometimes because I feel… we all feel, and that’s okay.

But I vow to never stay; not in those dark places where no one is welcomed, where my dreams seem too far-fetched, where I am not good enough, where forgiveness seems impossible and resentment fills my body with poisonous disease and discomfort until one day I exist no more.

No, I won’t stay there.

Every day I vow to grow.

I vow to learn more about me

… about my connection with my source

… the ONE SOURCE that created the heavens and the earth, and everything in it.

I vow to BE more of the good that lies within me; to allow my light to shine brighter.

Yep, every chance that I get I will be greater than before.

Because I now know that within every passing moment lies the opportunity to do things right

… the way I know they should be done.

My happiness depends on me.

And so I vow to be happy and live out all the beautiful visions that God allows to pass through me.

I embrace each one knowing that I am worthy of them all.

I vow NOT to treat myself the way that I DON”T want other’s to treat me because I realize that I show people how to treat me by the way I treat myself.

I love this life that I have been given for all that it has, and continues to show me.

I vow to allow my evolution to become something that sheds light on the world.

This will be my legacy, and through it I will live FOREVER…

So, here I am  WORLD! Do you see me? 😉





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