Don’t Let the Small Things Sweat Ya: How to Keep It Moving

Everyday is not always such a great one… although, it would be much more beneficial to believe the opposite of that statement. Sure, there are many things to be grateful for in each of our lives, but sometimes it’s not so easy to cut through all the B.S… When I’m in such a mood, I have to force myself to forget about whatever is wrecking my nerves, and find thoughts that put me in a better “feeling” place.

I emphasize “feeling” because how you feel means everything. It means the difference between whether you make a new friend today, whether you decide to go back to school, to make-up or break up with special someone, etc. When you make decisions from a “not-so-good” feeling place, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Think about it. When has any great decision been made by anyone who is in a state of depression, or is angry, or bitter with life, or upset about something? Don’t worry, I’ll wait for it…

On the contrary, when you can get yourself to a better “feeling” place than the “not-so-good” mood that you may be in, then you’ll not only be doing yourself a favor, but everyone else that is a part of your life as well.

Try this for a change: Instead of focusing on how bad “it” is, try finding something that you like about that person, or circumstances surrounding your issue, and make a mental note, or write it down. As you continue to sift through your thoughts for more things to be happy about, notice how your emotions  go from negative, to positive (gradually, that is). Once you  start to feel better, make an effort to focus your attention toward other things that are important to you, like a goal that you want to accomplish… and work towards getting it done. Before you know it, you’ve turned a seemingly bad situation into productivity.

The more you practice this exercise, the better you’ll become at controlling how you allow things to affect you.  Trust me, not only am I getting so much better at it , but those close to me recognize my growth as well. Remember, happiness is yours for the taking. #teamdreamchasers




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