Brittnay’s Corner: Becoming The Dream Maker

Its been a few days since I’ve written one of my famous inspirational posts, and its with good reason. I’ve used the past few days to do what I urge every one of my readers to do often, discover your purpose and make it count.

I’ve spent the past few days reading Napoleon Hill”s famous bestseller “THINK & GROW RICH,” and its been quite the refreshing experience. I was introduced to the book at the age of 12, thanks to my mother, but I vaguely remember reading it. After  achieving a good ‘ol traditional American education, and an additional 10 plus years of experience in this marvelous thing called life, I found myself in the self-help aisle of Barnes & Nobel purchasing a copy of the book for a 10-year-old birthday boy in hopes that I would be planting a good seed. I figured I would grab a copy for myself, as I am in the process of making some major personal moves in my own life. Its one of my best moves yet.

Napoleon Hill uncovers what he calls the great secret of successful, wealthy men, yet its really no secret at all. This is not to take away from such brilliant tools that his work provides. I love that Hill manages to drive home the notion that any human being can be as successful, and as wealthy as one can imagine, if they could understand and master the powerful and basic laws of the Universe. The most basic of them all: YOUR LIFE BECOMES WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MOST.

I could go on and on about the book, but I really just  wanted to share with you a few  lessons unfolding right before my own eyes (GO BUY THE BOOK! – its one of the most valuable, yet least expensive investments that anyone could make). One lesson  in particular is that it pays to be persistent no matter what your goals and dreams are.

I happen to have worked on a business venture for the past two years myself, and I know what it means to be discouraged at times. I also know what it feels like to reach milestones, and then go through periods of creative and motivational drought. But I also understand that these moments are only signs that perhaps I could take a different approach, shake things up a bit, but whatever I do–I must never let giving up become an option. And believe me, I WON’T EVER!

In the book, Hill tells the story of gold miners who were digging for gold for several years, only to give up after finding nothing at all. They sold their equipment to a local junk man and threw in the towel. Months later, that the same junk man would find the very thing that they had been digging for just 3 feet deeper than where the miners left off… and the guy made a fortune!

The moral of the story is that to become successful at anything, you cannot accept temporary failure as defeat. Instead, view them as stepping-stones, indication that perhaps some changes could be made. But never quit on what you once believed in just because success isn’t instant. Most successful people would tell you that they failed many times, but stayed the course. The Universe always honors those who have faith beyond measure in things yet seen and known.

Secondly, when one can walk through life with a strong sense of confidence in one’s own unique abilities and gifts (this comes once you discover what your life purpose is) miracles begin to unfold. Whenever one walks in his own greatness, the Universe will always honor the same energy, and will begin to manifest great things in the physical.

Confidence, grace, purpose, faith, persistence, and love are all part of the recipe for success and wealth just as equally as greed, quitting, and the lack of confidence and faith, and procrastination are a recipe for dreams deferred.

As I continue to look forward to great things along my journey, I also understand that there’s work to be done in terms of developing specific principles of life into my daily routine. Its the only way that true success can be achieved and maintained. Therefore, I study meditate, and pray as often as possible to tap into my own greatness. And I share with you great lessons like these because this is the greater part of who I am and what I exist to do.




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