Whatever you do, don’t become a prisoner of your past!

I’m at my best when I can forgive past mistakes of others as well as my own. And quite frankly, I like being at my best.

There’s nothing like re-living memories that you’d much rather burry at the core of the Earth. The constant replay of them keeps you stuck in the raw emotions of those moments. And the more you dwell in the muck of it all, the more bitter you become with all parties involved, including yourself.  That’s no way to show love (and large amounts of negative thoughts over extended periods of time can make you sick), so let it go already!

Besides, you make it nearly impossible to invite anything refreshing and new in your life when you consistently hang on to what’s old and non-beneficial.

As I like to put it: Trust that whatever decisions you ever made, good or bad, was the right one. You had to do it the way you did, and it had to happen the way it did in order for you to get the lesson you got.

I don’t believe in mistakes, although we are sometimes sorry for the way things turn out. But in the end, God/the Universe makes no mistakes, so let it go and let Love flow.

@BCSTARKS over and out! 🙂


One thought on “Whatever you do, don’t become a prisoner of your past!

  1. guuuuurl, you got it! love this and it is so true- trust in yourself and what you do, no need to force anything… whatever is going to be, will happen 🙂 like this blog!

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