What inspired you today?

One of the most profound moments of my life happened this afternoon as I witnessed someone near and dear to me make a declaration of change. After years of being angry, bitter with life, and full of resentment (emotions that have caused her to become extremely ill, and someone who frequents the hospital) she had reached her breaking point.

I could tell that this time was different from others because for the first time, she was able to take responsibility for the role that she’s played in her own unhappiness with life. She began to acknowledge certain thoughts that she had bought into over the years that lead her to a state of misery. She shared with me some of the hurt, blame, and frustration that she’s held on to her entire life, and as she did this, she was able to release bits and pieces of it.

It was so profound for me because I’ve come to know the process of change through the efforts of my own journey. Although change is not an easy thing to go through, especially after a lifetime of being acustomed to thinking and being a certain way, it is most rewarding when its something that you allow to take place.

Even though nothing more than an emotional declaration of change was made this afternoon, the most important thing is that she acknowledges that she is willing to embark on the journey… because anything would be better than what she had been living previous to that very moment.

Willingness to change is always a good start, and typically the first place to start in the never ending quest for enlightenment. Those moments were indeed inspiring because as she learned her lessons, so did I.

@BCSTARKS over and out!


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