What are you affirming in your life?

What’s in an affirmation? … POWER!

Let me break it down for you a little bit… just a little. 🙂


Def: something that is affirmed; the assertion or declaration  that something exists or is true.

I have come to know that the way  life works has everything to do with your thoughts. Whatever you chose to believe to be true will be TRUE FOR YOU. Affirmations are ideas that we think and speak on a continuous basis, so why wouldn’t it be beneficial to tell the story of the way you want things to be instead of the other way around? Afterall, every thought that you declare as true for you life will continue to be true, both the good and the bad.

If happiness is something that you seek to acquire, then why not affirm things that make you happy instead of complaining about what doesn’t? Complaining about how bad things are only brings about more situations to continue to complain about. Likewise, appreciating  the good things in your life will bring about more good things to appreciate. I’m no rocket scientist, nor do I claim to have even half of life’s answers. But I do recognize DIVINE WISDOM when I am fortunate enough to witness it.  

A lifetime of affirming that “I am not good enough,” or “I never have enough money,” or “My relationships never work,” or “Life is hard,” or “Something is always wrong with me,” or ” Its us against them,” or … You get the point. Whatever you consistently affirm is an EXACT MIRROR  of  the reality that you live.

Start to tell yourself and the world a different story, and act out of that space of knowing. Watch how things begin to turn around.

So what are you affirming in your life again?… Well don’t just read this post, get a move on changing what needs to be changed so that you can live the life that you dream of living. It’s never enough to complain. Be the change you want to see by affirming new patterns of thought.

@BCSTARKS over and out! 🙂


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