Featured Dream Chaser: Poet Barbara Joas drops latest book, ‘My Art, My Love’

 Barbara Joas is a poet, a two time author, and a great friend. She and I first met while attending the University of Miami, and she has been quite an inspiration to me. Ever since I can remember, she has been extremely passionate about spoken word, so much that she chaired  the student committee that brought Spoken Word Wednesday’s and the very first Poetry Slam to UM. The event showcased both amateur and award-winning poets and comedians on campus.

After graduating in 2008, Barbara took a leap of faith and relocated to California to pursue her passion. When she told me that she recently published her third creative work titled,” My Art, My Love,” I didn’t hesitate on the opportunity to share it with my own readers and whomever else I can. Undeniable passion and leaps of faith are what make Barbara the ultimate DREAM CHASER! Check out the details of this amazing creative work below:

My Art, My Love

Synopsis: My Art, My Love uses ideas formulated by dreams and gives them a unique, tangible voice poetic verse form. This stimulating literary compilation promotes harmony among artists of all sorts as they endure the endless journey of self-discovery and learn to translate this way of life to all who can relate. From the imagery depicted in “Still Life” to the gritty love woes in “Nonexistent Love,” Joas’ words radiate messages in the most compelling ways.

My Art, My Love can be purchased via Lulu.com and the file can also be downloaded here.

Bio: Barbara Joas is a Haitian-American writer and performer. While earning a degree from the University of Miami, she published her first two collections of poetry: Darkness Fell into Light in 2006 and Liberate Me in 2008. My Art, My Love is her latest creative work coming alive on each page.

Barbara’s other books are available via publishamerica.com as well as Amazon and Barnes & Nobel Online.

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