Letting go of what’s out of your control

This is one lesson that I’m constantly forced to either remember, or be miserable.  I will admit that although I’m not as bad with this as I once was (because I made a committment to allow my own evolution to continuously expand), I still have my moments. 

Thankfully though, it’s never really long until I return to the realization that nothing outside of me should decide my happiness. That’s because only I have the power to control how I feel. The same thing is true for every one of us walking this Earth.

I’ve come to know that there comes a point when one can do all that is left in his power to change a situation, and still not get the results that they were seeking. But the disappointment, anxiety, or anger experienced as a result of the outcome should not be allowed to become a dominant part of one’s experience. Instead, the opposite should be the case.

When you’ve exhausted yourself both mentally and physically, trying to come up with a solution or make sense of  whatever it is that has your attention, eventually you will reach a point where the only solution is to relinquish the matter to Universe.

But the point of this blog post is to get you to realize that you don’t have to bump your head a million times, or make yourself sick with negative emotions before you draw this conclusion. Instead, if you identify a situation that has the potential of getting you bent out of shape, there are a few steps you could follow to quickly alleviate the stress. But before you can follow them you must understand that the only thing that you truly have control over is your own thoughts, feelings, and actions…YOU!

Once you can grasp this fact of life, the next step is to think of all the possible actions you could take that would have a positive influence on  the situation (positivity is key because anyone can stir up trouble, but Karma is never too far behind). Once all possible actions are identified and thoroughly thought through, do whatever you can with good intentions. Finally, recognize your own limits. Not for the sake of proving defeat, but for the sake of knowing when to let GOD/the Universe take control.

The sooner you allow yourself to move through these steps, the better you’ll feel and the more pleased you will be when it all comes to pass. Eventually you will get to a point where these steps require little to no thought, and life will be much more joyous than not; no matter the situation.

Stay blessed, not stressed

BCSTARKS over and out! xoxo


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