Fear is what keeps you from getting things done

Ever become so overwhelmed by all the many things that need to get done that you scare yourself into periods where you do nothing at all? If not, welcome to my occasional world. This is what I like to call my “rut” period. I used to be really bad with this, but because I became aware of it years ago, I’ve put forth effort towards changing it, and I must acknowledge that I’ve come a mighty long way.

I realize that the thing which drives this behavior of non-productivity is a four letter word that we’re all very familiar with… F-E-A-R. You may be wondering what I would’ve possibly been afraid of? And as I reflect, I would have to say that the thoughts that I had trained myself to believe for most of my life were the real source of my fears.

We all have both positive and negative thoughts that we allow ourselves to think. If you have a proactive disposition, then you probably tend to believe the positive thoughts more than the negative ones. I would say that opposite is also true, because a belief is just a thought that you keep thinking until you train yourself to acknowledge it as true.

The truth is this: you know the truth by the way it feels. Anytime a thought feels negative or wrong in some way, you must challenge yourself to see things differently because it must not be a thought from your inner-God source. God wants nothing but the best for you, and he gives you everything that you need to do anything you set you mind to do. You just have to trust that, and start to believe thoughts of abundance, instead of thoughts of “lack” (i.e., “I don’t have enough______… I can’t do _______… I’m not ______… or anything involving the root word not”).

Train yourself to tell a different story, and watch how easily you transform from powerless to powerful just by switching which thoughts you gravitate towards. Afterall, your thoughts become things, and only you have the power to monitor which thoughts you allow be to dominant in your life.

When you realize that you really were created in the likeness of God, therefore there is nothing that should seem impossible, you will start to become the powerful, fearless being that you were created to be. From this space of thinking, no fear can stop you from getting things done no matter how long it may take. Just trust that all things happen in perfect timing based on life’s design. Do what you know how, and do it well. The Universe will take care of the rest.


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