So let me tell you how good GOD has been to me…

I thought that words couldn’t express all of the blessings that my life has, and continues to see. And I took that thought to Twitter and got the following response:

“@EscobarCostello: You should try tho— RT @BCSTARKS: God had been so good to me, I couldn’t tell it if I tried…” 

So on behalf of Mr. @EscobarCostello here goes nothing.

God has been so good to me that I wake up some mornings, and I stop and ask myself, “what did I do to deserve to be here, in this very place, this very moment, with these opportunities, and such great experiences with amazing people?

And I take a moment to digest it all, and go about my day.
And it never fails that just as I’m in the middle of an inspiring conversation, or finishing up a task that I had dedicated 100% of myself to, or helping someone do something that they could not do alone, GOD reminds me. He reminds me that my life is not just mine alone, my story is not just mine alone, nor are my blessings, my love, my passion and more.

Because I recognize these things to be true, I am blessed because I am more than willing to pay it forward. The ability to do that is a gift in itself. Amen! 🙂


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