Random: My “Aha” Moment While On the Run

I went for a jog this evening, and suddenly I had a moment. It was one of those “aha!” moments that Oprah always talks about on her show. Those moments when you realize something profound about your life that can possibly change your life forever…

Anyway, after running myself into exhaustion, I looked up into the clear night sky… I could see that there were too many stars to count, but right then I found what I assumed to be the brightest star from what was within my view. I stopped to stare at it a bit, and in that moment I felt as if I was winning, like Charlie Sheen. Lol Except, it hit me that the thing I want to improve on is consistency…

And in the background I could hear my mother’s voice say, “if you’re gonna do something, do it right, and be consistent.”

Now I know how athletes feel… Lol

Anyway, this revelation is the reason for this late night post. I started this blog with wondeful things in mind, and with my vision and the practice of being consistent, I’ll get there soon enough.

This post has been an official part of the evolution of B.C. Starks. 🙂


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